BIM Manager at Wates Group

Still not so busy posting here, because these days I’m busy at Wates where I work as a BIM manager. I am part of the core BIM team, but unlike the other team members, a satellite sent to Birmingham to be the local BIMmer mainly working on the project Secure College Leicester. The client is MoJ and here is more info about the project from GOV.UK.

So what is he really doing up there in Birmingham? (was tempted to write BIMmingham)

First of all federating the consultants IFC models in Solibri Model Checker. Stage 1, orientation and alignment, was a bigger challenge than expected but finally a success. I intend to write a post about this process, why it was a challenge and more importantly how we solved it. Something about the multiple coordinate points and settings in Revit and consultants speaking more Revit than BIM. To begin with they were reluctant to understand this strange strangers strange ideas about origin cubes and other helpful little tips. But they listened and we are happy.

Then there is all the model checking (at this stage mainly clash detection) and reporting of checking issues. We are still early in this process and are currently testing and defining the best methods and tools for this. So far we have decided to issue reports of Checking Issues both as Excel and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) and separate the resolved and closed issues from the collaboration report, but keep them to track the process and have them as backup for disputes that unfortunately could emerge.

There are Summary Reports showing how many components and issues the models have and whether the components have failed or passed the checking, that is defined by rules in rulesets, and also shows the severity of the issues detected. This is not as dull as it sounds. It actually is cool to know what you check the models for and how the models are performing. And when summarized in handy executive reports showing the performance and progress the bosses will also believe that BIM is worth the investment.

Besides that I am writing BIM collaboration Guidance Notes and Reporting Tools for Stage 1, assisting with a bit of the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) getting familiar with PAS 1192-2 and COBie. And also trying to get my head around the extensive use of acronyms in the UK and maybe especially in this sector? I started a spreadsheet with the ones I came across in the first few weeks of working in the UK. At entry 52 I stopped and thought “somebody already did this” – and here it is: BIM Acronyms by Rob Jackson. Thank you Rob! I should study this some more and test myself when I have a WFH day.

All of this is just the beginning.


…And on top of this the process of relocating to the UK is more difficult than excepted? Life is easy in Denmark. I am now a fan of the Danish CPR number.

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