Garaget workshop

SB worked for ZARK on “Garaget” a neighborhood culture house in Malmö making a 3D model and drawings of the building to visualise existing conditions and user statistics. These are essential in the analysis prior to the actual refurbishment project.

February 4th Garaget hosted a workshop, led by Lene from ZARK, for 12-13 year old school children and users of Garaget. Their input and ideas are valued in the process. I guided the young participants in the use of the 3D model done with ArchiCAD and Virtual Builing Explorer. Their task was to navigate in the model and print views of the area of Garaget they wanted to work with. The views were used for collages of ideas to inspire the ongoing project.

I was happy to see how effortless the kids managed both the virtual model and good old scissors and glue cutting out images from magazines for their collages.

Here is a link to the VBE model of Garaget. Try for yourself. Garaget-VBE

Video clips about architecture

A service for those of you who like moving images. Something seriously interesting and informative about architecture with a dash of ironic and fun silliness.

Arkitektur TV – DAC Danish Architecture Center. Lectures in Danish and English (DAC)

Det Digitale Byggeri – Short videos (in Danish) about BIM and digitalisation (YouTube)

Graphisoft ArchiCAD – Videos about working with ArchiCAD and BIM (YouTube)

How To Architect – A sweet mix of fun and info (infun?!) about architects and architecture (YouTube)

And why not a little laugh provided by Monty Python – Monty Python – Architect Sketch

Danish buildings 1850-1970

Interested in the culture of Danish buildings – even though it is not the cool new stuff?

These are informative sites with 3D details and lots of images and descriptions of building types, techniques and materials. Also links to other informative related sites. (In Danish).

“He was a very busy business-nisse”

WHAT!? (Quote from “The Julekalender”)

SB is very busy these days before Christmas. Now sitting in the office looking at the snow slowly falling (and almost making Stengade look pretty!) trying to prioritise all the tasks.

Sharing of knowledge and ideas obtained from the various seminars and workshops attended lately will be posted after the completion of projects for clients.

Links to some of these seminars if you care:

Transforming the City – C2C seminar, Lys Lyd Luft – fremtidens sunde byggeri, SPIN – Sustainable Construction

Projects we are working on right now:

ArchiCAD BIM model of DTU building 118 for BIMlab in collaboration with Tværsnit Arkitekter

BIM model and animation of “Garaget” in Malmö in collaboration with ZARK

New first floor addition in collaboration with Byggerådgivning

New addition and renovation of villa in Allerød – sketch project

New villa in Køge – sketch project

New villa in Hornslet – under construction

Sketching in BIM follow up – Blågården new penthouse apartments and energy-renovation in collaboration with Rasmus Brodersen

Updating this website – simpler structure, cleaner look, more references, new functions, more sharing and a newsletter service.

Back to work!

Working on Site

IMG_8568 IMG_8570

With my mobile office (the content of a shoulder bag) I went on a site visit to coordinate with the contractor and the builders. While they were laying bricks outside I adjusted a detail in the 3D model to “as-built” and two details to “how-we-are-going-to-built”. I like the contact with contractors and builders and learn from their experiences. They are doing a good job and according to the plan.


Sketching in BIM

Stefan Brorsen is invited to participate in the workshop Sketching in BIM.

Here is info about the workshop (BIMkonsulenterne).

Workshop and dissemination co-funded by The Danish Arts Foundation, in the pool “Visiting Architects” arranged by the BIMconsultants in cooperation with Danish Architects’ Association and BIMlab.

Visiting architect is BIM-specialist Matthew Lohden, USA.

Participation in the workshop is free and by invitation only.

The workshop is planned for 15 people, in 3 teams, an Archicad team, a Revit team and a Vectorworks team. The teams are going to  produce a proposal for refurbishing exsisting co-housing in a shared model, meaning as much BIMserver as possible. There will be at least one superuser on each team.

Its simply about sketching in BIM, learning the most creative and efficient working methods!

Danish Architects’ Association has generously provided us with their “project room” in Arkitekternes Hus in Strandgade 27A, Copenhagen. BIMlab will lend us hard- and software for BIMservers. Participants must bring their own laptops.

Grow your house

Architecture is not just brick on brick. Check out this TED talk about an architectural office experimenting with green and meaty architecture.