A personal business that since 2005 has collaborated with and worked for other architects, engineers, contractors and developers to deliver the best possible to the client.


Modern sustainable building respecting the context and the clients wishes. Could it be called “Pragmatic modern user-oriented regionalism”?


17+ years experience with the effective working method BIM (Building Information Modeling). My partners and I are working with object-based virtual building models containing data. We sketch, visualize and document in 3D and simulate the building with energy calculations and sun studies. Drawings, visualizations, animations, volumes and the basis for energy calculations originate from one building model. This ensures a good overview of the project and errors are eliminated before they occur on site.

In other words, the client sees what she gets for the money.


Download CV here: SVB_CV_English


ArchiCAD 22 – super BIM software

Microsoft Office

Dropbox – online file sharing

Paper and pencil – is still effective for sketching

Common sense, brain and heart – are also  essential tools


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