Sketching in BIM

Stefan Brorsen is invited to participate in the workshop Sketching in BIM.

Here is info about the workshop (BIMkonsulenterne).

Workshop and dissemination co-funded by The Danish Arts Foundation, in the pool “Visiting Architects” arranged by the BIMconsultants in cooperation with Danish Architects’ Association and BIMlab.

Visiting architect is BIM-specialist Matthew Lohden, USA.

Participation in the workshop is free and by invitation only.

The workshop is planned for 15 people, in 3 teams, an Archicad team, a Revit team and a Vectorworks team. The teams are going to  produce a proposal for refurbishing exsisting co-housing in a shared model, meaning as much BIMserver as possible. There will be at least one superuser on each team.

Its simply about sketching in BIM, learning the most creative and efficient working methods!

Danish Architects’ Association has generously provided us with their “project room” in Arkitekternes Hus in Strandgade 27A, Copenhagen. BIMlab will lend us hard- and software for BIMservers. Participants must bring their own laptops.

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  1. Agree whole heartedly with Chuck as he deisrcbes rethinking the appropriate labels, that describe roles and responsibilities, is useful with the use of avante-garde BIM technology, ie modelers and annotators. In our recent case study project V V V, we coined the term View Maker as contributors to the BIM, relating to all disciplines, and particularly the GS BIM Server™. We applaud your efforts Chuck, and video, here at Scarmack Architecture |:-) .

  2. I am learning how to use Archicad of Graphisoft now. It is a great BIM sofawtre for architects. I wrote some of my experiences on using Archicad in my blog . I hope those who are learning to use Archicad can share their experiences too.

  3. Alas, in several comnimitues where people talk about BIM, they equate this to Revit, which is indeed frustrating.I am an ArchiCAD user, but stand neutral in all the things I say and teach about BIM. And I do hope that more open BIM solutions will arise. (E.g. IFC modellers, where all data and information stays open, platform and application agnostic). Not sure this will happen though. It did, more or less, for programming (e.g. HTML, javascript, java, c++) where you can change platforms, shift from editor to others and still retain control.

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