Garaget workshop

SB worked for ZARK on “Garaget” a neighborhood culture house in Malmö making a 3D model and drawings of the building to visualise existing conditions and user statistics. These are essential in the analysis prior to the actual refurbishment project.

February 4th Garaget hosted a workshop, led by Lene from ZARK, for 12-13 year old school children and users of Garaget. Their input and ideas are valued in the process. I guided the young participants in the use of the 3D model done with ArchiCAD and Virtual Builing Explorer. Their task was to navigate in the model and print views of the area of Garaget they wanted to work with. The views were used for collages of ideas to inspire the ongoing project.

I was happy to see how effortless the kids managed both the virtual model and good old scissors and glue cutting out images from magazines for their collages.

Here is a link to the VBE model of Garaget. Try for yourself. Garaget-VBE