Video clips about architecture

A service for those of you who like moving images. Something seriously interesting and informative about architecture with a dash of ironic and fun silliness.

Arkitektur TV – DAC Danish Architecture Center. Lectures in Danish and English (DAC)

Det Digitale Byggeri – Short videos (in Danish) about BIM and digitalisation (YouTube)

Graphisoft ArchiCAD – Videos about working with ArchiCAD and BIM (YouTube)

How To Architect – A sweet mix of fun and info (infun?!) about architects and architecture (YouTube)

And why not a little laugh provided by Monty Python – Monty Python – Architect Sketch

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  1. I’m about to make an argument that may seem out of place and it sholud sound silly, but I’m getting to a much larger problem that I promise to tie together at the end.I fail to see how calling BIM a technology platform actually helps anything? First, let’s look at your comment: Why not “construction BIM”, “design BIM”, “facilities BIM” and I would like to propose “Geo-BIM” for non-building, infrastructure related projects, above and below ground. Because I could draw a warehouse building with a carpenters pencil, cut it out to exact dimensions with a child’s round tipped safety scissors, and paste it together with Elmer’s glue. Technically it’s a representation of a building, it has exact dimensions so it contains information, and since I glued all the pieces together it’s a model. I now have paper BIM! Since this was designed, constructed and it represents a facility and we can place paper equipment inside it, it’s construction BIM, design BIM, and facilities BIM!!! My technology was paper, pencil, and glue. You might argue that this information needs to be digital to be BIM. I’ll take a few digital photos of my paper model and link it into a document. You next might state that a few pictures can’t be BIM. Actually, I currently have software on my computer that can take the information from a few photos and create a 3D point cloud from it. Few people would argue that Point Cloud data of a building model to scale can’t be considered BIM. So a pencil, paper and scissors is now, officially, been made part of the BIM process.Excel spread sheets, scanned hand drawn documents, SketchUp models they can all be BIM and technically fall into any of these categories if done correctly.Our problem isn’t the categorization of BIM, it’s the use of the term period. BIM has become a storage area for every piece of digital information that can be tied into a model. It’s been called a process because so many things are thought of and brought into a digital model that anything, including a paper model, can now be tied back into the process of BIM.We need to stop using the term BIM altogether. It’s simply a term developed to describe a building model that morphed into everything related to computers that was different than how we did them before computers. I strongly believe that BIM is now just us doing our jobs. The use of the term BIM.. I believe sholud be obsolete. When describing what we do, we sholud be stating that I’m using Revit to explorer our design options; I use Navisworks to coordinate our different models; even I practice Architecture is better as it describes what we do better than a catch all term like BIM. I don’t know many people that practice BIM as their duties can be quantified better by actual architectural, construction & even IT terms.

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